Who else is looking to learn how to pick lottery numbers that win? If you are anything like I used to be when I first got started researching how to win games of “chance”, you are probably picking your numbers with what you BELIEVE is a smart strategy, right? You probably have a loosely constructed set of techniques that you truly BELIEVE will give you a winning advantage. In truth? As you’ve probably already learned (and I certainly did pretty fast!) the “right” way to pick lottery numbers is usually NOT rewarding at all.

The good news? There ARE techniques that can take your winning percentages UP in an explosive and exponentially impressive way when you’re ready. Let’s take a quick moment and look at some samples of BOTH strategies below:

The WRONG Way to Pick Lottery Numbers


  1. Using your address or PO Box Number (very common….and rarely, if EVER works)
  2. Using birthdays, important dates like anniversaries or even more morbidly….death dates (again, very common and NOT a good strategy at all!)
  3. Randomization: Yes, there are many people who use a sophisticated system for randomizing a combination of important numbers and personally relevant data….THINKING it adds to your odds. Matka It doesn’t….and in SOME lotteries and drawings (depending on the amount of numbers required to win) this actually CAN make your winning percentage LESS mathematically, or statistically likely

Okay, any of these sound familiar? If they do…don’t’ be embarrassed! I actually spent the first few years of my career doing JUST this style stuff…and after I won a few hundred bucks in a local drawing, ACTUALLY thought I was on to something..:-) It wasn’t until I realized how much I had LOST on my way to my meager winnings, did I have my epiphany moment where I learned how to turn it all around!


The RIGHT Way to Pick Winning Lottery Numbers


  1. You NEED a system! And contrary to the above approach, you need a SMART system as well. Remember….you don’t have to a mathematical genius or numbers “guy” (or girl) to apply paint by numbers strategies of scale to picking numbers. You just need to follow the footsteps of those who HAVE done it successfully before. (they’re out there, if you know where to look)
  2. Math, Map and MOVE! My favorite technique for quickly picking, choosing and attacking sets of numbers that are more likely than NOT to be in “Q”. This works MUCH better on smaller games of chance, and smaller drawings…..but has been proven to be effective, especially by many repeat winners who have learned, (and shared) this underground technique.
  3. Money Manifestation Methods: Personally? I had a hard time believing this for a LONG time, but finally have come to be a BIG believer! Why? Because so many repeat winners use money manifestation thought systems as part of their process. Simply stated, if you don’t already know, money manifestation is a method that incorporates visualization, and a sort of “law of attraction” style meditation process to picking numbers. Some of the MOST famous repeat winners (including many time winner, 80 year old Helen Hasdell in Europe) apply these style strategies with so MUCH success, it’s actually difficult for the skeptics and de-bunkers to explain away!